A Journey Through the Siddur

Join Rabbi Meir Soloveichik for a New Daily Podcast on the History and Meaning of Jewish Prayer and the Jewish Prayerbook

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The Jewish prayer, and the Jewish prayerbook, is one of the most important parts of Jewish life. Yet many Jews don’t fully comprehend or connect with the words of the siddur, which Jews have been uttering for nearly 2,000 years. In the modern world, how can Jews keep prayer fresh and intentional when they have? How can we help Jews of all backgrounds can engage and reengage with this ancient, immanent liturgy? 

That’s what Rabbi Meir Soloveichik has set out to do in his new limited-series daily podcast, “Journey Through the Siddur.”

With 30+ episodes, 20-30 minutes each, Rabbi Soloveichik will examine the text, meaning, and history behind all of the most fundamental Jewish prayers, including the sh’ma, the amidah, Birkat Hamazon, and so many more. Along the way, he’ll incorporate stories from Jewish history and events in modern times to illuminate these timeless texts. 

Whether you recite prayers every day or you’ve never opened a siddur, this podcast will help you understand what these prayers are, what they meant when they were written, how Jews have understood them throughout history, and what they should mean to us today.

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