Menachem Begin: His Life, Legacy, & Uniquely Jewish Statesmanship

A limited series podcast with Rabbi Dr. Meir Soloveichik

Menachem Begin is one of Jewish history’s most important statesmen. As a leading Zionist activist in Europe, leader of the Jewish revolt against Britain, head of the opposition in the Israeli parliament, and ultimately prime minister of Israel, Begin was animated by a love for the Jewish people, faith in God, and a flexible and prudent statesmanship. In this series, released on the occasion of Begin’s 32nd yahrtzeit, and drawn from Rabbi Soloveichk’s Jerusalem 365 podcast, you’ll learn about:

  • The major events in Begin’s life, including his leadership of the Jewish revolt, his rivalry with David Ben-Gurion, his peace talks with Egypt, and much more.
  • How Begin’s reverence for Jewish tradition and love of all Jews affected his public actions and the Israeli people’s reception of him.
  • Why Begin, who embodied the Jewish fighting spirit, sought to make peace with Egypt, the nation that had been Israel’s greatest enemy.
  • How Begin navigated the great challenges of his time, and what his example can teach the Jewish leaders of today.

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Episode 1: Beitar

Vladimir Jabotinsky founds one of the most important youth movements in Jewish history.

Episode 2: Revolt: The Saison and Jewish Unity

While leading the Irgun, Menachem Begin resists the seductive urge to pit Jew against Jew.

Episode 3: The War for Independence

As the War for Independence begins, Menachem Begin connects the Jewish past to the Jewish future in the new state.

Episode 4: Altalena

Menachem Begin’s commitment that Jews shall not make war against Jews is put to the test.

Episode 5: Ben-Gurion, Begin, and the Politics of Israel

The differences between two political figures define Israel’s early years.

Episode 6: Begin Speaks for Ancient Jerusalem

The future Israeli prime minister makes a powerful case for reuniting Jerusalem with the Jewish people.

Episode 7: Begin and Sadat: The Beginning

How the curious relationship between Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat began to form.

Episode 8: Mahapach

After decades in opposition, Menachem Begin finally becomes the prime minister of Israel.

Episode 9: Tisha b’Av in New York

On his first trip to the United States, Menachem Begin looks to the Jewish past in order to build the Jewish future.

Episode 10: The Motza’ei Shabbat Arrival of Anwar Sadat

At a historic moment for Israel and the Arab world, Menachem Begin makes sure that the Sabbath is honored.

Episode 11: Between Oslo and Jerusalem

In his Nobel speech, Menachem Begin provides the definitive Judaic worldview on war and peace.

Episode 12: Brisk at the White House

Menachem Begin channels the Jewish past at the signing of the final peace agreement between Israel and Egypt.

Episode 13: Menachem Begin’s Greatest Speech

In the midst of the 1981 election race, Menachem Begin gives a remarkable speech that embodies the central tenet of his worldview: love of all Jews.

Episode 14: The Miracle of Osirak

To Menachem Begin, the successful bombing of the Osirak nuclear reactor was both a strategic success and a gift from God.Audio Player

Episode 15: Jerusalem and Egypt: Millennia Ago and Today

Menachem Begin completes the Israeli withdrawal from Sinai, evacuating Israeli settlements there.

Episode 16: 1983 to 2003: A Grave Near the Temple Mount

Just as he did in life, Menachem Begin channels the meaning of Jerusalem and Jewish eternity in passing.

This special series is sponsored by the Hart N. and Simona Hasten Family Foundation in partnership with the Menachem Begin Heritage Center in Jerusalem. We thank the Hasten family and the Begin Center for their generosity and their commitment to perpetuating the legacy of one of the greatest modern leaders of the Jewish people.