Episode 1 Groundhog Day

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In his teaching and writing, Rabbi Soloveichik frequently draws on the full range of popular culture, including enduring television shows and films. He does this both because of his great love for humor and dramatic storytelling, and because of his belief that stories depicted on screen can provide powerful examples of faith, leadership, perseverance, and more.

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Explore Classic Films in Search of Jewish Wisdom

From Groundhog Day to The Ten Commandmends, Rabbi Soloveichik will examine his favorite movies for their lessons on faith, leadership, perseverance, and more.

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Despite its comedic veneer, Groundhog Day has, in fact, long been recognized as a uniquely philosophically and spiritually rich film. As only he can, Rabbi Soloveichik will be comparing and contrasting the movie with Shakespeare's Macbeth, focusing on their approaches to time and the meaning of life.

A film that doesn’t feature a single Jew, but which can teach us much about Jewish ritual.

A magisterial film that brings to life the formative event in Jewish history and all of Western culture, with special meaning for American society.

A powerful story about what it means to risk everything in service of a divine voice, wherever it takes you and no matter how illogical it may seem. Coming May 2024...

A historical sports drama about Jewish and Christian teammates, in which it is the Christian character who serves as a model for Jewish faith. Coming July 2024...

A once-forgotten, but now much-beloved, film about what it means to live a good life, and whose very history bears an important lesson. Coming September 2024...

A biographic examination of the great 20th-century general, whose leadership was, like the Jewish people, deeply connected and indebted to figures of the past. Coming November 2024...

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