Episode 1 "The Revolt" by Menachem Begin

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Great lessons can be learned from books of every kind, and in Rabbi Soloveichik’s view, a great many Jewish lessons can be found in works that, on their surface, have little relation to Judaism at all. In this series, he’ll introduce subscribers to eight of his own favorite modern books, placing a special focus on those works that most impacted him and his worldview.

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Study statesmanship, ethics, law, faith, and food as we read 8 modern books in search of their Jewish lessons.

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In this classic memoir of Jewish resistance, Menachem Begin tells the story of the Irgun and its struggle against the British to achieve Jewish independence. It is the book that turned Menachem Begin into Rabbi Soloveichik's political hero, and holds important lessons about the Jewish fighting spirit.

This memoir beautifully describes why food lies at the heart of Jewish faith.

A friendship between a haredi Jewish family and a Roman Catholic scholar exemplifies the best of interfaith relationships.

An epic work of biography that tells the story of an ordinary American who was providentially put in a place of power and achieved greatness. Coming April 2024...

This is the book that helped inspire Rabbi Soloveichik’s love of Rembrandt, and of the artist’s deep insights into the Hebrew Bible Coming June 2024...

This Christian work contains many Jewish lessons. Learn why Rabbi Soloveichik thinks it is the greatest book of general ethical instruction (or mussar) ever written. Coming August 2024...

A touching book from a brilliant jurist and great American beautifully explores why law and faith are inextricably intertwined. Coming October 2024...

Perhaps the greatest children’s book ever written, this book sparks the imagination to ponder the nature of language, numbers, and knowledge itself. Coming December 2024...

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