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“Awesome Beginnings: Genesis from Creation to the Tower of Babel”

The tales that open the Book of Genesis are among the most fascinating and mysterious in the entire Bible. We invite you to uncover the enduring meaning of these texts with one of America’s most dynamic religious thinkers, Rabbi Meir Soloveichik. Scroll down to begin!

This mini-course is drawn from the daily Bible 365 Podcast, a year-long study of the Hebrew Bible from MeirSoloveichik.com.

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Episode 1: Adam and the Astronauts—The Biblical Understanding of Human Nature

The first two chapters of Genesis both describe the creation of mankind, but in profoundly different ways. What can these two stories, taken together, teach us about the astonishing technological achievements of our age?

Episode 2: The Serpent’s Tongue and Ours—Language and the Meaning of Morality

The story of the sin in Eden is enigmatic, but if we look carefully, we will also find, amidst mankind’s failings, tales of love and gratitude. We will see how, rightly understood, the devastating dangers and powerful potential of the spoken word lie at the heart of all the stories leading up to the flood.

Episode 3:The Raven and the Rabbi—Noah’s Birds and the Birth of Hope

Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem was not the first text to feature a raven, and the birds that appear in Genesis allow us to understand the nature of human resilience, and the reconciliation of God with the world after the flood.

Episode 4: Bricks and Stones—The Tower of Babel and the Gifts of the Jews

A careful study of the events after the flood allows us to understand how Jewish ideas changed the world forever. And it is two non-Jewish writers who help us understand how.