15-Minutes Maccabees: The Life and Times of Judah, Jewish History’s Greatest General

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As children, we learn that the hero of the Hanukkah story was the great warrior Judah Maccabee. But how many of us know the real history behind the tales we tell our kids?

In this special, limited-series podcast—available exclusively to MeirSoloveichik.com subscribers—Rabbi Soloveichik will uncover the fascinating military and political history behind the events of Hanukkah. He’ll explore the Hellenized Jewish world against which the Hasmoneans rebelled, the rise of Judah, the battles he fought, and what Jews today can learn from the military and religious vision of Judaism’s greatest general.

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This series will begin on December 7 and run until the end of Hanukkah. With your subscription, you’ll also get unlimited access to the hundreds of hours of courses, podcasts, essays, and more that Tikvah hosts at MeirSoloveichik.com.

Episodes will include:

  1. Mesmerized by the Maccabees: Why Is One Family So Fascinating?
  2. All Greek to Thee: The Challenge of Hellenism
  3. The Religious Vision of Mattathias
  4. Judah as General
  5. The True Story of Hanukkah
  6. Against the Elephants
  7. The Day of Nikanor
  8. Judah’s Last Stand
  9. Epilogue: The Shamash and the Light of Judah

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