Parashah and Politics: How the Book of Leviticus Changed the World

Join Rabbi Meir Soloveichik for a Special Journey Through the Book of Leviticus and the rest of the Torah

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The Torah is full of insights not only about faith and ritual, but also about politics and human nature. We invite you to join Rabbi Meir Soloveichik’s exploration of the big political ideas of the Hebrew Bible in a special podcast and essay series. As we begin our study this week of the Book of Leviticus, now is a great time to join us.

Released every Wednesday, and corresponding to the weekly Torah reading, each episode of Parashah and Politics: How Torah Changed the World will explore the Torah porition’s big political ideas—equality, ordered liberty, covenant, law—as well as the political legacy of the Bible’s contribution to Western societies. This is especially important for Leviticus, a biblical book that most moderns find difficult to understand and connect to.

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