On September 6, 2022, Rabbi Meir Soloveichik launched a new daily podcast, Jerusalem 365, in which he tells the 4,000-year history of the most interesting, spiritually dynamic city in the world.

To mark this momentous occasion, Tikvah has convened a series of conversations between Rabbi Soloveichik and important public leaders, to discuss their unique connections to the Holy City—“What Jerusalem Means To Me.” Through these wide-ranging discussions, we’ll come to learn what makes Jerusalem so important to people of all walks of life, and understand why a podcast like Jerusalem 365 is so essential right now

In this video, Rabbi Soloveichik speaks with the Christian Evangelical leader Russell Moore. A theologian and ethicist, Moore is a former dean at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and editor-in-chief of Christianity Today. In this conversation, he and Rabbi Soloveichik discuss why Jerusalem is important to Christians, what it’s like bringing Christians to the Holy Land, and how seeing Jerusalem in person changes their understanding of their faith.

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